Virtual Vista™ is a web based platform which delivers telematics and a flexible data management solution to you - fast and easy. It connects directly to the Leica mojo3D via its built-in modem and can be accessed with a few simple steps. You don't need any additional hardware.

The introductory release of Virtual Vista™ provides your business with a convenient overview about activities in the field and enables you to monitor your fleet by combining real time and historical information with the use of Google Maps™.

Automated alerts based on location and curfew times are activated simply. These features are designed to assist you with making more efficient management decisions from any location.

To use the service simply register. After creating an account you can link your Leica mojo3D devices and start using the service instantly; the only requirement is to own a personal active cell network data plan.

Virtual Vista™ is set to grow throughout 2013 with more innovative features. New features will automatically become available to all registered users.

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