Q. What is Virtual Vista™?
A. Virtual Vista™ is about effortlessly connecting farmers to their information though the cell modem built into the guidance display. At launch Virtual Vista™ will provide live tracking and status readouts from the Leica mojo3D.

Q. How does Virtual Vista™ affect Virtual Wrench™?
A. In no way. Introduced in 2007, Virtual Wrench™ is a remote service tool for dealers to provide support to customers. Virtual Wrench™ remains available as an essential tool to deliver first class support.

Q. What equipment is Virtual Vista™ compatible with?
A. Virtual Vista™ is compatible with all Leica mojo3D's ever sold. All you need to do is make sure it is updated with the latest free software version and has an active cell network data plan.

Q. What are the requirements to use Virtual Vista™?
A. Compatible browser:

  • Internet Explorer Version 8, 9, 10
  • Chrome Version 22
  • Firefox 16
  • Safari 6
Minimum screen resolution: 1024x768
Compatible system: Leica mojo3D with an active cell network data plan
System software version: 3.2.270 or greater

Q. Do I need to purchase more hardware to make it work?
A. No. Connectivity has always been an important part of Leica Geosystems agriculture systems and the Leica mojo3D has the cell modem built in. Unlike some of our competitors, the modem is not an afterthought, so there are no expensive modems to buy and no tangle of cables to connect it.

Q. Are there subscription fees for Virtual Vista™?
A. Leica Geosystems see connectivity as an essential feature to get the most out of a guidance system and we want all our customers to benefit from this. There is no hardware, no activations and no extra subscriptions to pay for, all you need is a personal active cell network data plan and you can start instantly.

Q. How hard is it to get started with Virtual Vista™?
A. In true Leica Geosystems style we have removed the usual barriers customers face when starting with new technology. The cell modem is built into our hardware; setup is as simple as creating a new web account and there are no activations or hidden costs.

Q. How do I start using Virtual Vista™?
A. Start using Virtual Vista™ in three easy steps:

  1. Go to www.virtualvista.com and sign up for a new account
  2. Make sure you have an active cell network data plan on your Leica mojo3D
  3. Enter your Virtual Vista™ username and password into your Leica mojo3D and start using it.

Q. Can I use CORS and Virtual Vista together?
A. Yes, you only need to ensure you have a cell network data plan activated which is sufficient to support the data requirements of both features.

Q. Is my information stored in Virtual Vista™ available to my Leica Geosystems dealer?
A. No, your data is your personal data. Virtual Vista™ and Virtual Wrench™ are separate systems to ensure your privacy and data is protected. Virtual Wrench™ still requires your permission to allow dealers access to provide remote support to your Leica mojo3D.

Q. Why do you offer free accounts for Virtual Vista™?
A. Connectivity is an essential feature of a guidance system and we want everyone to be able to benefit from it. To offset our costs, in the future we may introduce some advanced features at a price, but the essential features will remain free of charge to our customers.

Q. What cell network data plan do I need to use?
A. This depends on how much you use the system; the fleet tracking feature of Virtual Vista™ uses about 0.35 MB of data per hour of operation. When additional Virtual Vista™ features are released we expect the data use to increase so it may pay to check back and upgrade your plan if you start using more features in the future.

Q. What is the future of Virtual Vista™?
A. Virtual Vista™ is set to grow with more innovative features throughout 2013. It will bring more efficiency to guidance systems and information management similar to the efficiencies that mobile phones introduced to agriculture - you will wonder how you ever worked without it.

Q. When will more features be released?
A. Keep an eye out throughout the year, new features will be announced in the press, on our website and directly to registered Virtual Vista™ users.

Q. What features are in the first release?
A. The first release of Virtual Vista™ delivers a live fleet tracking solution which includes features such live tracking and position history of vehicles on a map; web to device text messages with quick one button responses from the operator; optional SMS or email alerts for geofencing, work curfews and vehicle downtime.

Q. What is geofencing and what can I do with it?
A. A geofence is a boundary of any size created on a map by you. By assigning vehicles to this boundary Virtual Vista™ will notify you anytime a vehicle is detected outside the boundary.

Q. How can I use a curfew?
A. By setting times of the day or week that you expect your equipment to be turned off, you will be notified anytime Virtual Vista™ sees a system comes online when you think it shouldn't.

Q. What is a downtime alert and why would I want it?
A. Downtime alerts allows you to set the amount of time you expect a system should be allowed to run while not moving. If this time is exceeded, you will be notified. Using downtime alerts you can become aware of small problems which are holding up your operation.

Q. What level of detail is in the position history?
A. In a 24 hour period Virtual Vista™ can records thousands of points to track the detail of the vehicles path. If the area where you are working has intermittent phone coverage, the points are stored and sent when coverage is resumed.

Q. How much position history is stored in Virtual Vista™?
A. The vehicles position history is stored on Virtual Vista™ for seven days where you can view any 24 hour period on the screen at once. In future you will be able to extend this seven day time limit for as long as you require.

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